Consulting Services to Support COBAD for the Acquisition of New Wagons

Consulting Services to Support COBAD for the Acquisition of New Wagons

RUSAL operates the Compagnie de Bauxite et d’Alumine Dian-Dian (COBAD), a bauxite mining company in Dian-Dian, Guinea.

As part of their operations, they required bottom dump bauxite wagons that would operate over the rails of the Chemin de fer de Boké (CFB) in western Guinea. SYSTRA Canada (formerly CANARAIL) supported COBAD/Rusal in the entire procurement for these new wagons.


SYSTRA Canada’s team produced a scoping study to help COBAD/ Rusal decide on the wagon type, size, unloading mechanism, interface with the loading and unloading facilities and other technologies. With SYSTRA Canada’s help, COBAD/Rusal decided on the wagon type and SYSTRA Canada proceeded to develop a technical specification and identified potential suppliers. SYSTRA Canada’s involvement was as follows:

  • Evaluate technical bids received by bidders;
  • Travel to potential suppliers and participate in technical negotiations;
  • Design review;
  • Component compliance to AAR;
  • Conduct Structural Design review;
  • Conduct Fatigue Analysis review;
  • Ensure wagons are built to the standards and specifications of the AAR;
  • Attend Sample Car and testing;
  • Attend construction supervision;
  • Conduct on-site testing and commissioning.

United Wagon Co. (UWC) of Russia was awarded the contract to manufacture the wagons. SYSTRA Canada helped UWC design and build the wagons to AAR standards, a first for UWC.

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