Dubai MRT – Red and Green Lines

Dubai MRT – Red and Green Lines

As the project manager in charge of building two MRT lines, SYSTRA worked hand in hand with Dubai’s transport authority from 2003 on preliminary designs through to the inauguration of the second metro line in 2011.

Both lines of the Dubai MRT are fully automated and air-conditioned. The Red line stretches 51 km and the Green Line 24 km. The lines connect at two stations.

Large sections of these lines, which cross Dubai from north to south, running alongside the main Sheikh Zayed Road, are elevated. In fact, over 50 km of line run on U-shaped viaducts. By 2020 the network expects a ridership of 1.85 million passengers a day.


In March 2003, SYSTRA was commissioned to produce preliminary engineering designs including tender documents for the design and build of the Red and Green lines.

SYSTRA was mainly responsible for line designs, including:

  • Civil engineering designs;
  • Redefinition and optimisation of the alignment;
  • Location of stations and depots;
  • Initial cost estimation.

Then, after July 2005, SYSTRA carried out the following activities with the Consortium:

  • Verification of systems designs;
  • Civil engineering;
  • Project management;
  • Works supervision, testing & commissioning;
  • Acceptance operations assistance.
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