Egyptian National Railways Locomotive Maintenance Services

Egyptian National Railways Locomotive Maintenance Services

Egyptian National Railways’s (ENR) fleet consisted mostly of 60 General Motors (GM) locomotives built at GM’s plant in London, Ontario.

SYSTRA Canada (formerly CANARAIL)’s mandate was to plan, prepare, assist in the procurement of spare parts and workshop equipment, and supervise and train ENR employees over 52-months.


During this period, SYSTRA Canada worked closely with ENR’s management, wrote the rehabilitation and modernization specifications, prepared tender documents for the procurement of spare parts, evaluated bids from suppliers, and assisted ENR in the award of spare parts procurement contracts. Once spare parts were procured and delivered, SYSTRA Canada became fully responsible for the management of the employees and the supervision and execution of the rehabilitation and modernisation of the locomotives, followed by one year of maintenance including warranty repairs. To do so, SYSTRA Canada hired 170 employees directly from ENR.

The completed locomotive availability and reliability were exceptionally high and met the expectations of ENR’s Management team.

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