Montreal Tramway Project

Montreal Tramway Project

As part of the GENIVAR/SYSTRA consortium, SYSTRA Canada (formerly CANARAIL) experts participated in the analysis of the initial Montreal Tramway Network (Phase 1), then, in the feasibility study of the first line (Phase 2).

The project, considered by the City of Montreal, consisted in developing the first line of an initial modern tramway network which objectives are the following:

  • Ensuring public transportation in downtown Montreal and several strategic axes;
  • Complete the structural public transit system in Montreal, supporting the existing metro and bus system;
  • Revitalize urban space, from main routes used by passengers to sectors with great potential for economic development.


In Phase 1 of the project, SYSTRA Canada provided technical assistance in the production of reports, and verified and validated deliverables.

In Phase 2, SYSTRA Canada strongly contributed to the feasibility study of the first line by defining the objectives of the project, general studies, and elaborating the functional principles of the transport system. The main activities covered by SYSTRA Canada in Phase 2 comprised of:

  • Transport system operations: definition of services, calculation of typical courses, size of rolling stock fleet,
  • Transportation infrastructure: track alignment, longitudinal profile, roadbed/railroad design, definition of cable tracking principles,
  • Transportation system: rolling stock functional principles, power supply, sub-stations location, integration of the electrical dimensioning studies, railway signalling and operation systems,
  • Operational program for warehouse workshop: definition of maintenance principles, infrastructure characteristics and industrial equipment,
  • Project costs: coordination and cost estimate for initial investments, operations costs, and major maintenance costs,
  • Project schedule: Development of a schedule for the two phases of the study and the work,
  • Assessment of the various financing modes, including PPP scheme.
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