New York City Transit – CBTC Upgrade

New York City Transit – CBTC Upgrade

SYSTRA is working on the programme to modernise the New York City Transit Queens Boulevard and Canarsie Lines.

This involves modifying signalling systems and installing Communication Based Train Control, or CBTC, systems.

The Canarsie Line was the pilot project and first line to be upgraded to the CBTC system.

The new CBTC signalling system will work in coordination with an Automatic Warning System (AWS). The two systems will be integrated so that both trains equipped with CBTC systems, and without, can be operated on the Queens Boulevard and Canarsie Lines.

SYSTRA’s role:

SYSTRA is responsible for:

  • Project designs;
  • Ongoing revisions to meet CBTC specifications;
  • Systems installation;
  • Testing and commissioning of the CBTC system for the Queens Boulevard Line;
  • Qualification of an additional vendor for future CBTC projects.

SYSTRA is also in charge of:

  • Approving plans and drawings;
  • Resolving technical issues;
  • Monitoring work schedule compliance.

On the Canarsie Line, SYSTRA is responsible for:

  • Reviewing test engineering services;
  • Interoperability tests for the onboard equipment;
  • Developing a full training programme for train operator personnel.
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