Railway Prefeasibility Study for the Baniaka Project

Railway Prefeasibility Study for the Baniaka Project

GENMIN is planning to start the operation of a new iron ore mine, called Baniaka, in the South-East of Gabon. The mine site is located approximately 60 km from the Transgabonais Railway. GENMIN is considering transporting iron ore from the Baniaka mine site to the port of Owendo, near Libreville on the West coast of Gabon.

SYSTRA Canada (formerly CANARAIL) was mandated to perform a prefeasibility study to evaluate the rail transportation of Genmin’s iron ore production, evaluate investment costs and determine the cost of transportation per tonne.


The project scope covered:

  • An evaluation of the latent capacity of the Transgabonais Railway in its current configuration, considering the anticipated growth of demand for railway transportation over the following years;
  • Determining the size and haulage capacity of the train set that can be used on the existing network;
  • Preparing an alignment for the rail link required to connect the Baniaka mine to the Transgabonais railway and for the loading terminal at the mine;
  • Estimating the construction cost of the railway link and of railway terminals at the mine and port;
  • Assessing the work that may be needed to increase the capacity of the Transgabonais Railway so that it can supply the additional demand induced by GENMIN’s traffic;
  • Developing an overall strategy for the operation and maintenance of trains serving GENMIN’s mine;
  • Determine the size of the wagons and locomotive fleet that will be required to transport the anticipated annual tonnage of iron ore and estimate the cost of acquisition of this equipment;
  • Assess the maintenance cost of rolling stock and the capital cost for the construction of proper maintenance facilities.
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