Rehabilitation of Entire Fleet of Wagons for CBG

Rehabilitation of Entire Fleet of Wagons for CBG

SYSTRA Canada (formerly CANARAIL) was mandated to carry out the rehabilitation and modification of the entire bauxite car fleet operated by Compagnie des bauxites de Guinée (CBG).

CBG is in the midst of expanding its bauxite production capacity in order to better respond to market demands, in particular increasing transport capacity from 15 MT to 18 MT per year. The installation of a new rotary unloading system requires the modification of CBG’s 632-wagon fleet.


The following modifications will be carried out:

  • Rehabilitation of the cars to put the fleet back into a state of good repair;
  • Installation of new rotary couplers;
  • Modification of the air brake lines;
  • Installation of pusher structures at each end.

This is the second time CBG has trusted SYSTRA Canada for a similar mandate. SYSTRA Canada, which has had a CBG technical assistant contract since 1997, completed a rehabilitation program for the same fleet in 2005.

During this 16-month mandate, SYSTRA Canada will handle the entire program in “turnkey” mode having the responsibility for the purchase and delivery of the various components and parts, followed by the modification of the wagons at a rate of three per day. SYSTRA Canada also provided all supervision and labour, and rebuilt the maintenance shop where the work would take place to meet its needs.

Prior to the start of this mandate, SYSTRA Canada’s rolling stock team carried out the engineering studies over the last year in order to prepare for the execution phase.

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