Rhine-Rhône High Speed Railway – East Branch

Rhine-Rhône High Speed Railway – East Branch

The East Branch of the Rhine-Rhone HSR is a 190km high-speed line (350km/h) running between Mulhouse and Dijon, via Belfort-Montbéliard and Besançon.

Further work is in progress on Phase 2 to extend both ends of the line – 15km westward and 35km eastward – to provide direct links to Strasbourg and Mulhouse.

SYSTRA was involved in every phase of this 5-year project on the Rhine-Rhone HSR, from preliminary designs through to construction.

During the design phase, SYSTRA provided technical assistance to the Owner, and in particular was responsible for:

  • Managing technical guidelines;
  • Drawing up and managing work schedules;
  • Coordinating project management activities;
  • Coordinating the activities of other contractors providing assistance to the Owner;
  • Producing technical analyses;
  • Conducting third party inspections;
  • Managing administrative issues;
  • Providing tender assistance, awarding contracts and monitoring contractor activities;
  • Keeping the Owner up-to-date with progress on the project.

During the construction phase, SYSTRA was in charge of:

  • Signalling;
  • Track work: catenaries and work bases;
  • Traction power: building electric traction stations and two sub-stations.

In addition, SYSTRA was jointly responsible for integration testing.

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