Standard Passenger Car Interior Design

Standard Passenger Car Interior Design

Cars new arrangement layout, the design and preparation of manufacturing and installation drawings for entirely refurbished passenger car interiors.

The work started with preliminary design studies and refurbishment budget estimates, completed with the production of shop manufacturing drawings and system test procedures.


The interior, as designed by SYSTRA Canada (formerly CANARAIL), incorporated the following features:

  • New Interior – high and cove ceilings, wall paneling, ply metal floor, floor coverings;
  • Compliance to latest TC and CTA requirements;
  • Added roof openings for HVAC equipment access;
  • New low ceiling structures and finishing;
  • New electrical locker and wiring;
  • New lighting and emergency lighting system;
  • Completely new electrical schematic and conduit arrangement;
  • New seats with electrical power outlets meeting 8-g tie-down requirement;
  • New toilet module and retention tank;
  • New HVAC system;
  • Improved snow ingress protection;
  • QA support for the qualification of new seats to APTA requirements;
  • Detailed test procedures for new systems.
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