Study of the Durability for the Montreal/Deux-Montagnes Line’s Catenary System

Study of the Durability for the Montreal/Deux-Montagnes Line’s Catenary System

SYSTRA Canada (formerly CANARAIL Consultant)’s mandate was to perform a project study and technical analysis for the catenary system’s durability of the suburban train on the Montreal/Deux-Montagnes line.

The electrified Deux-Montagnes line connects the Gare Centrale de Montreal with the Deux-Montagnes station (approximately 30km and 12 stations). The line is currently a double track from the Gare Centrale to Bois-Franc where it becomes a single track up to the Deux-Montagnes terminus. The Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) wanted an audit to understand and assimilate the state of the equipment to predict maintenance, renewal and/or repair needs. The mandate was awarded to the ROCHE/SYSTRA Canada/SYSTRA consortium and aimed to develop the detailed durability study and analysis taking place within the catenary system.


SYSTRA Canada/SYSTRA conducted the evaluations related to the catenary and its equipment, telecommunications, and signalling system protections necessary for the catenary system & SCADA, provided support to other specialists in related aspects of electrical feedback, and provided expertise in rolling stock (including MR-90), exploitation simulations, and management of train operations and of work if needed. SYSTRA Canada performed a multi-standard analysis which included:

  • Identification of all details to be evaluated, gathering information and inspection visits for each of the sub-categories, technical analysis of the needs to replace or not with regards to the technical and operational standards;
  • Technical analysis of technologies and future solutions for the replacement of the existing sub-categories and those considered obsolete;
  • Economic analysis of the investment costs and operation of the replacement of obsolete sub-categories for a durational solution;
  • Definition of the main work plan that would allow the modernisation of the existing catenary system towards a durational network, of which the integral conception of the exploitation constraints and the implementation of AMT priorities.
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