Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance

In order to ensure sustainable growth and success, the SYSTRA group relies on its values, skills, competitive prices and a strong commitment to ensure strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Our Values

These characteristics, combined with the irreproachable practices of our collaborators, are fundamental to meet the highest international standards in business ethics and compliance.

A goal based on three strong axes

Our main objective in terms of ethics and business compliance is to maintain the integrity of the SYSTRA group reputation. This objective is divided into three main axes:

  • Irreproachable conduct of our business: several tools were developed, including the publication of code of ethics and specific documents, the appointment of a Group Ethics Officer and compliance managers, the implementation of training sessions and a of ethical alerts.
  • We promote our ethical values: by exemplary conduct, on the one hand, and by the insertion of ethical clauses in our contracts and the assessment of our business partners, on the other hand.
  • The respect for national laws and international conventions.
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