Our Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility

Our Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility

“We are convinced that a company cannot grow in a sustainable fashion without feeling responsible for its impact on society and on the planet, and without putting respect for people and ethical practices at the centre of its activities.”
Pierre Verzat, Chairman of SYSTRA’s Executive Board

This statement by Pierre Verzat summarises SYSTRA’s four objectives in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): have a positive influence on society; preserve the environment; protect the people under our responsibility; be exemplary where ethics are concerned.

SYSTRA has integrated its Corporate Social Responsibility directly in its General Policy, which defines the mission, vision and commitments of the Group.


For us, mobility and transport are factors for inclusion, promoting freedom and the creation of opportunities for all. The projects that we carry out contribute to improving the lives of populations: by bringing individuals together, and by facilitating access to work, education and leisure.

We act in favour of local development in the implementation of projects on which we work and with regard to the populations that we serve.

We take into account as far as possible the social and political impact of all infrastructure projects.


We take care to develop and promote sustainability throughout the lifecycle of our projects. Beyond the respect of standards and applicable rules, we aim to take into consideration environmental issues from the upstream phase. We mobilise our collective intelligence to propose technical solutions with a reduced environmental footprint.

We want to be exemplary in the management of the environmental impact of our own sites and activities. To this effect, we have launched a training programme for all our managers dealing with the design of environmentally responsible infrastructures.

We are developing our consultancy activities in the environmental field in order to position ourselves as an innovative player at the service of greater sustainable mobility.


Fully aware of our responsibility with regard to individuals, we have a policy for ‘Health, Safety and Security’ called ‘3S’ in French. This policy confirms the commitment of the Executive Board members and all SYSTRA staff concerning these subjects. It aims to protect as far as possible SYSTRA’s teams and subcontractors, but also manufacturers, operators and users of the transport systems that we design, supervise, test and put into service.

Our 3S ambition includes the following commitments, that all our staff must abide by and ensure that others abide by:

  • 100 % owner: act, work and move around in a responsible fashion, applying the instructions in the ‘9 Life-Saving Rules’ guide created by SYSTRA;
  • 100 % aware: constantly strive to identify anything that endangers peoples’ health and physical or mental integrity; ensure the reduction and control of these risks before any decision or action;
  • 100 % learning: immediately signal any accident or incident; signal any safety-critical error or technical risk; analyse their causes and take corrective action; share feedback on experiences;
  • 100% leader: be in a position to influence the various stakeholders in the projects in which we participate, beyond our statutory and contractual obligations; we rely on our expertise to implement safer projects together.


Our objective is to move each day towards an irreproachable conduct of our business. To this effect, several tools have been developed in recent years, as much for all our staff as for third parties.

For our staff, we have:

  • published a code of ethics, as well as an anti-corruption code of conduct;
  • disseminated a practical guide for managing business ethics;
  • established an Ethics Committee steered by a Group Compliance Officer;
  • created a network of compliance officers;
  • implemented mandatory e-learning training modules dedicated to ethics;
  • deployed an ethics alert system.

Regarding third parties, we try to:

  • promote our ethics values via exemplary conduct;
  • assess the compliance of our business partners;
  • insert ethics clauses in our contracts;
  • ensure the strict adherence to national legislation and international agreements; to this effect, we have notably adopted a ‘sanctioned country’ procedure, and published two guides dealing respectively with anti-competitive practices and reprehensible behaviour in the context of our public contracts.
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