Professional Gender Equality

Professional Gender Equality

A firm committed to promote equal treatment between women and men

SYSTRA is committed to greater equality between men and women within the company. As an engineering firm, it is vital to promote the career paths of our employees, particularly women engineers.

The Gender Equality Index is a new measure introduced by the French government in 2018 to measure the effectiveness of companies in achieving gender equality in the workplace. The more efficient they are on the five indicators, the more points they will obtain, weighted according to the importance of the indicator chosen; the maximum number being 100.

The criteria used to calculate this score are as follows:

Basic and variable remuneration gap + individual bonus 40% 0 to 40 points
Difference in the distribution of individual salary increases 20% 0 to 20 points
Difference in the distribution of promotions 15% 0 to 15 points
% of employees’ salaries increased upon their return from maternity leave 15% 0 to 15 points
Number of women and men among the top 10 highest paid jobs 10% 0 to 10 points

In 2018, SYSTRA’s score was 84 points out of 100 points, taking into account in particular our actions to reduce pay gaps, our salary increase and promotion policies.

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