Asset Management

Asset Management

Better investment and optimized infrastructure maintenance with digital support.

The development of transport networks continues, with major projects all over the world. But tomorrow’s infrastructures are also those that exist today. Indeed, the transport networks we use every day can sometimes be several decades old, or even more.

The risks associated with poor asset management are real, and the associated challenges concern all mobility stakeholders, from the design of assets to their end of life.

Taking care of existing networks and implementing good asset management is therefore a prerequisite for the development of sustainable mobility, guaranteeing the safety of users and respecting the environment.

Our objectives

  • Enable you to know your assets well (state of wear and tear, aging, financial values, asset register, etc.), to help you make decisions and see the effects of their implementation;
  • Help you understand the causes of deterioration of your assets (use, time, environment, maintenance carried out, etc.) and their consequences on performance, costs and associated risks;
  • Advise you on investment and/or maintenance scenarios that meet the objectives and budgetary constraints of your network, translate the selected scenarios into operational terms, and ensure that the change is properly managed.

We carry out analytical work to turn data into useful information for decision-making. We rely on tools as well as our technical expertise in engineering and maintenance of transport networks, on our ability to model the lifecycle of assets as well as their operational and financial impacts.

The infograph illustrates the 3 main stages of the Asset Management offer:
(1) Collect the data from the assets.
(2) Analyze and decide on a plan of action based on the data collected.
(3) Implement the actions.

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